Why choose Bamberg to learn German?

If you are considering interesting places to learn German, you would most probably think of the many famous German towns and cities which are well known all over the world. But Bamberg? Never heard of it. Well, if that’s the case, allow us to introduce you to this city of now 77,000 inhabitants, located in northern Bavaria.

In one way, Bamberg is a typical German city; it has an historic ‘Old Town’ which has retained its original structure and buildings, many of which date from the early Middle Ages. This is one of the reasons that Bamberg was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1993. German and European Middle Ages and Baroque history have not only been preserved, but also exist as a living and vital part of modern life.

Bamberg offers plenty of variety; the cultural and gastronomic choice is of high quality and able to satisfy almost any taste. Its major sights can be easily seen during the course of a week’s stay.

In addition, Bamberg is a very hospitable city. It’s pretty easy to begin a conversation with the locals in one of the city’s many pubs, so you can practice your German straight away.

Despite its antiquity, Bamberg is a youthful city. It has a university with around 13,000 students, and the large number of pavement cafes, pubs and clubs ensure that the streets are filled with young people day and night.

In a word, the combination of tradition, culture and quality of life in Bamberg proves irresistible to its visitors.

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