Anyone who has ever experienced a language stay at SprachHaus Bamberg knows it: learning German can make you very tired! Many of our language students sleep more and longer here than at home, and we are also big fans of getting enough sleep – not only at night, but also sometimes in the afternoon.
Why is that? Our lives consist largely of learning, and those who learn a lot need enough sleep.
With the triumph of neuroscience in the 21st century, the human brain has become the focus of research, and answers are being sought also to questions such as: Why do we sleep at all? How long should we sleep to stay healthy? What exactly happens during sleep?
What does this have to do with learning, in our case with learning German? Quite simply: without sleep, there is no learning progress.
Only during sleep does our brain find the time and leisure to process and store the new information gathered during the day.
A study now published by the University Medical Center in Freiburg confirms the importance of sleep for learning success: if you want to learn, you have to sleep. Resting alone or doing nothing is not enough. Even 1 hour of sleep during the day can work wonders.
That’s why SprachHaus always has a sufficiently long lunch break – as an invitation to take a nap. And that’s why classes never start before 9 a.m. – so that even late sleepers can tackle the new learning material refreshed and rested.
For early risers, this is the opportunity to finish their homework from the day before 😉

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