Blended learning: What is it?

Blended learning is the combination of three elements:

  • online 1-on-1 lessons with video calls, via skype or other service providers
  • self-study whenever, wherever and as much as possible
  • and a homestay, 1-on-1 language course at the teacher’s house in Germany.

Who benefits from blended learning? Everybody who wishes to make fast progress in learning German. Especially suitable for all kinds of exam preparations, job interviews or presentations to be held in German.

How does it work? You can start both ways: either with a kick-off week (or even two) here at the teacher’s house and then continue with online lessons and self-study. Or you begin the learning process with online lessons and come to SprachHaus as soon as your schedule allows it. In both cases, before any exam of German language, a week of exam prep here at SprachHaus is essential.

The key factors for learning success:

  1. Attend online classes regularly, at least 2 times a week. One class a week can maintain your level, but you need more in order to make real progress.
  2. Self-study is crucial! Build up your vocabulary constantly, ideally every day. Do your homework. Prepare your online classes in order to benefit the most of it. Listen to German music, watch movies in German, read simple texts.
  3. Come to Germany! Only here you can get constant exposure to the language and practice it in real life situations. That really will make a big difference in your learning process.

Blended Learning

  • 25 hours
  • Online
  • plus 1 week Combined course (exam preparation)
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