Business course
Our Business German course is designed especially for expatriates and professionals. It offers you a total of 36 Business German 1 on 1 lessons per week, every morning and additional specific 1 on 1 training units in the afternoon, as well as job application training, cross-cultural training and presentation training. On top, there will be three joint cultural activities, in the afternoon or evening, according to your needs and wishes. Also, Wednesday afternoons will be free of training units and at your disposal, as a source of recreation and new energy. Topics include business correspondence, telephone training, specific vocabulary. This course ensures rapid and maximum progress in your particular domain. You will build up your specific vocabulary and get immediate feedback from your tutor. This is our most intensive course designed for a duration of one or two weeks. Immersion classes are an excellent way to make rapid progress for those who have limited time and want to progress rapidly. Before you begin these intensive immersion classes, you will be asked to complete a needs analysis as well as a language placement test. This will enable us to structure a course suitable to your needs.

Business Interview

by Charles Kawashima | former student

I highly recommend SprachHaus in Bamberg. My first 8-months in Germany I worked with a private teacher 1:1. We made progress but not at the rate I was hoping to. I did lots of research and finally decided to spend 2-weeks at SprachHaus Bamberg…WOW! It was like a switch clicked in my mind and they returned me to my family speaking German!! 2-weeks here were equivalent to 08-months of weekly private lessons. Complete immersion is the only way to learn a language and SprachHaus Bamberg does just that. They provide a safe learning environment – where you can make failures and learn – and there is a full team here to support you and they provide a very structured and professional learning environment truly customized to your learning style and needs. Those two weeks were so successful that I now continue to return for intensive weekends (Busy professional with a packed travel schedule!) and I’ll soon be taking my B2 test. When I compare my progress with others who’ve only stuck to private lessons, there is simply no comparison. My only regret is not doing this sooner, and before I came to Germany. 100% recommend.

Charles Kawashima

Business course

  • 36 lessons
  • incl. full board
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