A general concept of language learning for mind, body and soul:
Coaching, Learning, Good food, Sports, Wellness, Mindfulness

Some of you might be too stressed from work and daily life, and maybe even a bit worried about having to learn German. At the end, it’s another task on your already full to-do list.
We’d like to invite you to change your perspective: consider the stay at the teacher’s house like a break, a time out from your daily routine. You will be treated well by your host family and will treat yourself well, by getting yourself enough sleep and spending plenty of time with Mother Nature. You will reduce your stress levels, relax and come down. And learning will then be the stimulus your brain needs to keep the balance between being busy and relaxing.
To make it happen, we suggest that you arrive at least two days before course start. On Friday evening, for instance. Enjoy two days off. How about some coaching first? Let’s talk about your learning project: where do you come from, what would you like to achieve, what kind of problems have you encountered so far. Here at SprachHaus, coaching is always at hand. Anytime you like. Take advantage of your language stay.
After two days you start learning with a clear head and full of energy.
In the afternoons and evenings there’s time to continue your language holidays! You can choose from a wide range of activities: cultural activities in the city, sports activities in the forest, by the river, on or in water, massages, thermal springs. Or simply enjoy the possibility of doing … NOTHING!

General Homestay course

  • 20 lessons
  • incl. full board
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